Taking Ownership of your customer’s business!

take ownershipWe as sales people need to take responsibility of our customer’s business! There is an old saying that says,” nobody takes care of your business or things the way you would.” And that is absolutely true.

Let me tell you how I see it. We spend a lot of time just gaining the opportunity to create credibility with our customers. And sometimes, (especially with a high profile customers) we only get one opportunity. So when we do… we had better make the most of it! Now understand the gaining credibility to get our foot in the door is just the beginning. Maintaining and growing the relationship with the customer is an ongoing process! And that is what today’s topic is about.

I believe that we as salespeople have the responsibility for looking after and helping our customers with every aspect of the business. See it’s not just about capturing the sale. We all know that a sale is not a sale until it has went through the order process, delivery process and collecting the payment. Yes I firmly believe that sales people need to be involved with the process of collections as well with their customers. Why? We know the status and/or situation with the customer and most importantly… we have the relationship. And because we have that relationship it is much more comfortable for our customer to discuss their finances with us than with some person that they do not know.

I also believe that we should be fully engaged and involved any marketing programs or solutions for our customers as well. After all if we’ve done our job correctly we know what our customers need in order for them to grow their business. Now I’m not saying that the “marketing department” should not be involved. But what I am saying is that “we” as the salespeople should be driving the process. This does several things. First it helps to solidify the loyalty and the relationship that we have with our customers. Secondly; by taking the lead we ensure a smooth process and transaction between our customer and our company. And most importantly, we are able to control the level of service that the customer receives.

Now I realize that some sales people utilize different departments of their company (AR, Marketing, Inside Sales, Customer Service, etc.) to help handle their customers’ specific needs. And…I’m fine with that as long as they are involved in the process. When we fail or forget to follow up is where we can get into trouble and lose our momentum as well as credibility. The more we are involved with our customer’s business…the better we are able to control the outcome!

No one is going to take care of our customer better than we are!  It is our business and therefore we must take ownership…Or someone else will!


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